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Cage-Free Eggs

Beginning in January 2021, all Heinen’s stores will carry only cage-free shell eggs. We strive to partner with companies who share our values, including a commitment to improve animal welfare. As a company we believe it’s the right thing to do, results in a higher quality product and know it’s important to our customers.

Cage Free Black Chickens

We Know Our Sources: Heinen’s Cage-Free Eggs

Heinen’s selection of shell eggs will now be sourced exclusively from cage-free hens. Discover what led to this sustainable transition and what it means for you!

Heinen’s Egg Selection

With a new selection of cage-free eggs comes brand new packaging! Check out our newly designed cage-free egg cartons to find your favorite variety.


  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Brown Eggs
  • United Egg Producers Certified
  • Local
  • Vegetarian Fed
  • Antibiotic Free

Omega-3 Enriched

  • Omega-3 Enriched (125 mg)
  • Brown Eggs
  • United Egg Producers Certified
  • Local
  • Vegetarian Fed


  • White Eggs
  • United Egg Producers Certified
  • Local
  • Vegetarian Fed

But what, exactly, does “cage-free” mean? For most hens, it represents a vast improvement in life. Cage-free hens, are kept in areas with space to preen, scratch, stretch and engage in natural chicken behavior.

All Heinen’s-branded eggs meet the United Egg Producer’s guidelines regulating temperatures, air quality, nesting space and the availability of fresh food and water.

Additionally, to help ensure freshness, all Heinen’s branded-eggs are sourced from local Ohio farms and are processed within 24 hours of being laid.

The most popular varieties among Heinen’s customers are the Organic and Omega-3 Enriched cage-free eggs. The organic label means that the birds are fed certified-organic feed and cannot be dosed with antibiotics. As for Omega-3, this essential fatty acid is packed into the hens’ feed as well and is loaded with heart-healthy benefits. Omega-3 Enriched eggs are an important source of this beneficial nutrient because our bodies cannot make it on their own.

To assist customers in easily finding their favorite variety, we’ve introduced entirely new packaging. Newly designed signage will also help point the way.

In order to fully serve customer needs, several other brands of cage-free eggs are available at Heinen’s, including Eggland’s Best, Organic Valley, Pete and Gerry, Greenfield Farms and Phil’s (Chicago only).

Free-range eggs are available from Nellies, NestFresh and Country Hen Heirlooms.

Pasture-raised eggs are available from NestFresh, Vital Farms, Handsome Brook and Hillandale Farms. Davidson supplies pasteurized cage-free eggs.

Time to get cracking!

Cage-Free Egg FAQs

What is a cage-free egg?

Cage-free eggs come from chickens that are free to roam, nest and engage in other natural behaviors in large barns.


What does it mean if an egg is certified cage-free by the UEP?

The United Egg Producers, also known as the UEP, set strict housing guidelines that ensure appropriate temperature, air quality, floor and nest space as well as fresh feed and water for certified chickens.

All Heinen’s Cage Free Eggs are UEP Certified.

What are some of the humane designations for cage free eggs?

You will find a variety of humane certifications on cage-free eggs in our set. See images below.

American Humane Certified eggs
Certified Humane logo

Are Heinen’s cage-free egg containers recyclable?

Please check with your local municipality as recycling requirements vary by county. All Heinen’s cage-free egg plastic packaging is made from rPET plastic, composed of 100% recycled materials.


How fresh are Heinen’s cage-free eggs?

Heinen’s cage-free eggs are processed within 24 hours, then packaged and sent to our stores.

Where do Heinen’s cage-free eggs come from?

Heinen’s cage-free eggs are sourced from local farms within a 250-mile radius of each of our stores.


What is an Omega-3 enriched egg?

Omega-3 enriched eggs come from hens that are given additional Omega-3 supplements in their feed.

Heinen’s cage-free Omega-3 eggs have 125mg of Omega-3 in them. Non-Omega-3 enriched eggs have roughly 25 mg of Omega-3.

Did you know? Your body does not make Omega-3 fatty acids on its own. Omega-3s are an essential fat that is packed with heart-healthy benefits and plays a critical role in our health.

What is an organic egg?

Organic eggs come from chickens that are fed a diet composed of organic feed.

General Egg Questions

What is the difference between a white and brown egg?

There is no nutritional difference between a white and brown egg.

What determines the color of an egg?

The color of an egg shell is determined by the color of the chicken’s earlobe.

Why are some egg yolks different colors?

Color or brightness of an egg yolk is determined by the diet of the chicken. A brighter yellow yoke may occur because that hen may eat more dandelions than another hen. Nutritional value or freshness isn’t determined by egg yolk color.

Cage-Free Egg Recipe Inspiration

Cauliflower Eggs Benedict

Shake up eggs benedict by swapping a traditional English muffin for a healthy cauliflower medallion and topping it with hollandaise sauce made in a blender.

Steak & Eggs with a Potato Waffle

Classic steak and eggs served atop a homemade potato waffle with a crunchy exterior and fluffy interior is a tasty treat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Pistachio Greens Tart

Cage-free eggs, fresh asparagus and broccoli lay in an easy-to-assemble pistachio crust for a healthy and delicious breakfast or brunch tart.

Swiss Chard with Tomatoes and Eggs

Swiss chard paired with simmered eggs in a tomato-based sauce is filling, flavorful and a great way to incorporate superfoods into your daily diet.

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