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New at Heinen’s: January 2019

New Frozen Products at Heinen's

A new year means new products on the shelves at your local Heinen’s. From healthy Wellness essentials to to sweet and savory Heinen’s brand frozen favorites, 2019 sure looks promising with these new products arrivals. Check out a few  highlights below.

Can’t locate a product in store? Talk to a Heinen’s Associate about ordering it for your next visit.

1. Organic Concorde Pears
Juicy and sweet, Organic Concorde Pears feature a rush of sugars and a vanilla finish, perfect for cooking and baking or enjoying fresh. Available through February. In the Produce Dept.

2. Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer
Healthy, delicious and free of dairy, soy, carrageenan, gluten, artificial sweeteners and added sugars, this delightful addition to your morning cup of coffee really has it all. Vital Proteins Collagen Creamers also provide 10 grams of collagen peptides per serving. Try it in Coconut or Vanilla. In the Wellness Dept.

3. Heinen’s Plant-Based Body Care Products
Enjoy these new, plant-based lotions, hand washes, body washes, shampoos and conditioners from Heinen’s. Hypoallergenic and available in a variety of amazing scents, these products are sure to be a welcome addition to your morning and evening routines. Assorted varieties.

4. Health Junkie Elderberry Syrup
Health Junkie Elderberry Syrup is delicious in tea, smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, pancakes or on its own. Handcrafted in Cleveland with pure, simple ingredients and sweetened with local honey, this superfood boost is a favorite during cold and flu season. Available in kid-friendly Sassy Cinnamon or Bold Ginger. In the Wellness Dept.

5. Schwebel’s Organic Breads
Baked with love using only the best ingredients, these breads are a good source of whole grains. They are certified USDA organic with no GMOs, artificial flavors or high fructose corn syrup. Assorted varieties.

6. Tera’s Whey
For a needed supply of energy and protein, look no further than Tera’s Whey. It’s easy to add to your favorite smoothies, desserts, lattes, breakfast pastries and more. Providing 18 to 30 grams of protein per serving, Tera’s Whey is certified USDA organic and sourced from ethically-raised cows free of hormones and antibiotics. In the Wellness Dept.

7. Heinen’s Fruit Smoothie Blends
Just add juice, water or milk and blend! Heinen’s Fruit Smoothie Blends make it easy for you to make delicious smoothies filled with nutrients and flavor. Whether you’re looking for just fruit or fruit and veggies, there’s a blend for you. Assorted varieties. In the Frozen Foods Dept.

8. Heinen’s Frozen Vegetable Spirals
Eating healthy is simple! Keep our frozen vegetable spirals on hand to make delicious meals in a snap. They’re a great addition to a stir fry or pasta dish and are easy to enjoy on their own with your favorite Two Brothers Asian Sauce. Assorted varieties. In the Frozen Foods Dept.

9. Heinen’s Ancient Grains Frozen Sides
Prepare the perfect side dish or meat-free meal with Heinen’s new Ancient Grains. Preservative-free and low in cholesterol, they’re a healthy choice. Simply steam in bag. Assorted varieties. In the Frozen Foods Dept.

10. Heinen’s Frozen Fries
These new french fries bake up perfectly crispy and golden brown. Load them up with cheese and chopped bacon with ranch on the side for a great shareable game day appetizer. Assorted varieties. In the Frozen Foods Dept.

By Heinen's Grocery Store
In 1929, Joe Heinen opened the doors of a small butcher shop on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio, aiming to establish himself as the city’s purveyor of quality meats. As customers came into Heinen’s new shop for their meat purchases, they began asking him to carry groceries as well. Joe added homemade peanut butter, pickles and donuts and by 1933, business had grown enough to include a line of produce and canned goods. Heinen’s Grocery Store was born.

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