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What are Star Fruit?

You can find the freshest Star Fruit in Heinen’s Produce Department. Check out what’s in season by clicking here.

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  • Also known as carambola, starfruit gets its name from its five-pointed shape, which yields slices of juicy, tropical-flavored translucent stars when sliced
  • Visually bright light-yellow exterior with a pale-yellow flesh that contains a few small, flat seeds
  • Sweet and mild, the flavor has been compared to plums, grapes, pineapple and pear, with notes of lemon and tropical breezes
  • Choose firm, glossy-skinned fruit with no signs of bruising
  • Browning on the tips of the ridges is a sign of ripeness
  • Keep refrigerated in a paper or plastic bag for about one week. Slices may also be frozen.
  • Except for the seeds, the entire starfruit is edible
  • Pairs nicely with desserts salad and seafood

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